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I went to the bridge with intention

when I arrived it was dark

would anyone notice?

would anyone care?

would it reach anyone?

Shit, I am hungry. Sounds weird, why procrastinate? I have mad up my mind.

This sugar snack causes new thoughts to original intention.

My shoe is untied. That stranger actually had good intention, not 1 on 1 funniness.

Why tie it? OK, I am tying it. It used to be bright white, now it is a dull cloudy sky color.

A bird. At this late hour. Maybe it is weird? Night bird sings… pause thought, just listen.

Wow, lost in thought about family. Bird is gone.

Truck goes by.

Scooter goes by.

Bicycle coming. Older lady. Says hello. I say howdy. Getting off bike. Shit.

Asks intention. I ask if she is a cop. She laughs. I let out single laugh. Weird. Awkward.

She wonders what is in my bag. She asks what is in my bag.

I tell her what is in my bag.

She wants to assist me. I say yes. I let out 2 laughs. Awkward. Cool.

We paint the bridge red. It dries. We paint yellow flowers. They dry.

She asks for Creative control. I say yes. I am curious. Interesting. Cool.

She produces glue. She produces glitter. She produces butterflies. She is cool.

We smile at each other. She kisses my cheek. Awkward. Cool.

Butterflies on bridge.

Butterflies in stomach.

She says we should meet next week. She says same time. She says new bridge.

I say Arena Street Bridge.

She says yes.

She smiles.

She winks. Awkward. Weird.

She leaves. She rings her bell. Funny.

I look. I smile. I leave.